Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright was a generous, kindhearted young man with lots of potential. He had an incredible soul and tried to help others whenever he could. At the age of 18, Matthew devastatingly passed away due to injuries sustained in a car accident.

A few weeks before his passing, Matthew spoke with his father about the importance of organ donation. Proudly, Matthew showed his father his driver’s license indicating that he was an organ donor. Had Matthew not let people know how he felt, his family would not have known his final wishes until it was too late. Because Matthew chose to talk about his decision to be an organ donor, he continues to give life to others.

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The Matthew Wright Foundation was established in 2019 and is guided by its efforts to keep his memory and spirit alive. The foundation’s mission is three-fold:

1. Let people know that you are an organ donor. Modern medicine is impressive and there are no words to describe the gift of a lifesaving or life-changing organ. The Matthew Wright Foundation strives to educate others about the importance of discussing your choice with others. Simply stated, we encourage organ donation and want you to let people know about your decision. Lives depend on it.

2. Animal welfare - Matthew was a big advocate for animals. He repeatedly commented on how many dogs needed homes. He adopted his canine best friend, Sprite, from the local Boise animal shelter. The week before Matthew passed away, he was trying to convince his mother to get another dog. The foundation will honor Matthew by donating to organizations and shelters supporting animal welfare.

3. Matthew Wright Scholarship Fund - as a graduating senior, Matthew was excited to go to college. Sadly, he passed away before getting the chance to attend. The Matthew Wright Foundation has established a college scholarship fund to help high school students with some of the expenses associated with going to college.

Even in death, Matthew is making a difference in this world. Thank you for your interest in his story and The Matthew Wright Foundation. 

Matthew's Story

On March 24th, 2018, Matthew Wright was driving down the road when a truck struck his car. Unfortunately, he passed away two days later from the injuries he sustained in the accident. Matthew was a registered organ donor and he had let people know how important that was to him. Even in his passing, Matthew was generous and compassionate; his kindness saved the lives of four people and gave two others the gift of sight.